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The Advantages of Carbohydrate, You Cannot Avoid

The Advantages of Carbohydrate, You Cannot Avoid

Carbohydrate is included into one of the three main nutrients which are needed by the human, while the other two nutrients are protein and fat. 

Since it is included into the main nutrient which important for body, you cannot take away this nutrient from your list of the daily food.

Three main function of Carbohydrate you need

There are three main function of carbohydrate which is needed by body. 

The first function is as the main source of energy which is needed for every move start from breathing until running, the source of it will be fall apart into glucose which is spreading into blood, and by helping from insulin it will enter the cell of the body. 

The second function is to limit the calories intake, and the last function is to reduce the risk of disease.

The sources of carbohydrate

As for the source, there are a lot of source which is provided this nutrition on it. 

You may get it from rice, red rice, cereal, seeds, bread, and there are still a lot of food which contains this nutrient. 

Since it is one of the three main nutrients you cannot escape this even if you are in your weight loss program. 

Still you need to consume carbohydrate even on the small amount of it.