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Stress Related Health Problems That Able to Recover
Stress Related Health Problems That Able to Recover

Stress Related Health Problems That Able to Recover

With the busy time and lack of rest there are many people are develop health problem that related to stress development. Stress does not only make our feel with awful emotional but also able to causes several health problem

Heart Problem Related to Stress

Heart disease
· Stresses are able to increase the rate of heart and blood flow that causes cholesterol release and triglycerides into blood stream. Sudden emotional release can lead into heart attacks.

· Studies show that stress can worsen people that have asthma. The kid that have stressed out parents are substantially have high risk in developing asthma.

· Stresses are able to worsen diabetes in two ways. First, it is increases bad behaviors such as unhealthy eating and excessive drinking. Second, stresses are raise the glucose level with people that have already type 2 diabetes.

Headache Triggers
· Stress is the most common triggers for headaches.

Accelerated aging
· There is actual evidence how stress can affect your aging phase. Stress are seemed accelerate the aging into additional 9 to 17 years future.

How to Manage Your Stress

1. Here are stress management that can prevent the risk of obesity, heart disease, depression, and many more.
2. Take breathe deeply when you get stress
3. Focus on the moment
4. Reframe your situations around that make you stress
5. Keep your problems stay in perspective and find the solution problems.