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You should know: Reaction of Your Body to Alcohol

Whatever the alcohol type that entered your body, you will feel burnt inside. Even though it is not literally burnt, but the sensation of burning inside your body is so real. Of course this is related with how your body reacts to the alcohol that entered to your body. In common case, when you drink the dry shot, you will feel like the entire mouth and throat are scalded so badly. And it is caused by the messed up between alcohol and the heat receptor in each mouth of human. The heat receptor is commonly reacted when something boiling comes into your mouth like fire or boiling water.

The cells that react to the heat are called VR1 receptor. It works when your mouth exposed to the heat and the cell will give signal to the brain. It is also working when you eat something spicy too. Alcohol can cause the dryness of the cells on skin. It may bring up the stress and sensation like burning. When your wound is covered with alcohol, it will kill the bacteria and you feel like burning. It is also worked when the alcohol comes into your body. Bacteria and cells will be killed slowly even though they are the good one. So, whatever the alcohol type you consumed, it is not good for your body.

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