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Why Water is So Important to the Human Body?

Water and health cannot be separated since centuries. Besides, water is related to any kind of issue faced by human such as youthful potion, heal the illness, extend life, and many more. Human body consists of 72 percent of water, 20 percent of bone and solid tissues, and 8 percent from combination of chemical compounds. This is why if people do not drink enough water, it leads to dangerous health condition. It shows in short-term and long-term effect on the body.

Body can heal by itself. By drinking plenty of water, it can help you to stay young as much as it can. When you get cut, your skin will heal up without your command. In order to run the process, water is the highest denominator.

Blood has close relation with water. Since blood carries oxygen, antibodies, and nutrients through the body to fight any kind of infection and bad bacteria, it needs enough water. Lack of water consumption can lead to coagulation of blood which is a bad news.

For your information, water takes 80 percent behind the brain works. Fluid and mineral in the nerves are in charge to deliver signals. When this substance is corrupted, the signal can be delayed or even distorted. This is why water and health cannot be separated.

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