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Why Lights Out is Good for Your Sleep Quality?

There are several types of people who sleep with the lights on and off. But do you know that lights out is better to affect our sleep quality? It’s because the exposure of lights will stimulate a nerve pathway from retina to hypothalamus in the brain. Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) has a role to give signals to other part of brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions. So, it plays a role like a clock that sets off the pattern of our activities including make us sleepy or wide-awake.

The SCN will actively control the pineal gland in the brain that inactive during the day. When the darkness occurs, SCN will signal the pineal to produce hormone melatonin to level of melatonin. As the result, melatonin levels in the blood increase and make you less alert then sleep. Too radiant lights during sleep may prevent the SCN to give signals that the day has been turned dark and it’s the time for you to sleep. The production of melatonin will decrease and make you feel alert for longer. You’ll find it hard to sleep. Then, insufficient of sleep will lead into some health problems.

Reduce watch television, computer, and phone before bedtime. For those who can’t sleep without lights, you can use night lamp that less radiant than room lamp or you can use sleep masks. Less exposure of lights will help you to fell asleep faster and bring a better quality of sleep.

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