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Why Getting Enough Sleep is Good for Your Health?

You might always hear that you should take about 8 hours sleep a day, don’t you? Do you know the reasons? Although our body doesn’t move at all, but don’t our brain and organs. They are at work all night to repair, detoxify, and refuel our body for tomorrow’s activities.

During sleep, our body turns into anabolic state where human growth hormone start to produce. The hormone will maintenance and repair your bones and muscles, also renew every tissue of our body faster than during working hours. Immune system production also increases during sleep due to increase production of proteins to fight disease. That’s why sick people always asked to take more sleep. Good quality sleep also good for your skin because metabolic rate of skin speeds up will help shedding dead cells that packed on the top layer of skin.

If all those function during sleep are troubled, it will trigger several physical, mental, and behavioral disorders. People with lack of sleep are easily feeling tired, anxiety, irritable, and difficult to concentrate that can cause an accident. If sleepless continues, your body will prone to several medical issues including high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, diabetes, even the worst is cancer. So, make sure to avoid staying up late too often and use your night time for take a rest.

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