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What You Need to Know about the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In order to prevent yourself from getting any sexually transmitted disease or STD, it is important to not have sexual intercourse with people who have a genital sores, discharge, a rash, or any sorts of symptoms. Also, always use protection, unless you are only doing it with your partner and both of you have been tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases for at least half a year before you have an unprotected intercourse. Otherwise, it is important for you to take measures in preventing sexually transmitted diseases for your own well-being and your partner’s by doing these tips.

The first tip is by using latex condoms whenever you are going to have an intercourse. If lube is going to be used, then make sure that the lubricant is water-based. While condoms are always fully effective in preventing pregnancy or sexual-related diseases, at least it is capable of minimizing the risk, and can be immensely effective when it is utilised properly. This is why it is important to learn and know how to use condoms in a proper and correct way. You might also need to consider washing before and after sex, as well as not sharing your underclothing and towels with your partner. As a prevention measure, get vaccinated with hepatitis B that is available in three shot-series.

Also, you might need to consider getting yourself and your partner tested for HIV. If you ever have problem with alcohol or drug abuse, please do get help because there is a higher risk of getting STDs with drug abuse, and people who are really intoxicated often incapable of having a safe sexual intercourse. Last but not least, consider abstinence as the only sure way to avoid getting yourself a sexually transmitted diseases. Stay safe!

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