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What Should You Do When You Witness a Heat Stroke?

If someone shows sign of heat stroke, then you should call emergency services immediately, and try to give them heat stroke’s first aid as much as possible, because delaying treatment can be extremely fatal. While you are waiting for the medical service to come, give first-aid to help soothing the symptoms and make sure to take the person to a place where the temperature is at cooler, as well as try to loosen or remove clothing that is unnecessary.

If it is possible, then you should also take the temperature of the person and try to cool it down somehow. However, whether there is thermometer in sight, never hesitate to give first aid for a person suffering from heat stroke.

How to Cool a Heat Stroke

The best first aid you can give to people suffering from heat stroke is to try cooling the person by fanning them, or wetting their skin using some cold water. You can also apply some ice packs to the victim’s neck, forehead, armpit, and back, especially since these spots are packed with blood vessels that are very close to the outer skin, hence cooling these areas might help reducing the patient’s temperature. If it is possible, try putting the person inside a tub filled with cold water. It is very important to give these first aid measures to prevent the heat stroke from getting worse.

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