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What is Wine Tummy Fat and How to Get Rid from It?

Wine tummy fat is commonly had by those who tend to get less weight gain on the area of bottom and hips. It extends at the front and looks like a pot belly. The fat layer sits from the stomach to pelvis. It is also located around the vital organs such as bowel, intestines and also liver. The collected fats happen for the sensitive fat cells of insulin effects. Insulin is a type of hormone that commands the sums of stored fat inside the body. The insulin will be released when sugar is released from booze and then commanding the fat to be stored in the deep layer of body.   

The Cause of Wine Tummy Fat

Alcohol and spree drinking as well as too many refined carbohydrates consumption are the common causes of wine tummy fats. Some researchers proved that women that drink 12 units or more at once, they have 4 inches larger waist. The heavier drinkers are also the people who have wine tummy fats in round and apple shape (based on the Center of Alcohol Research in Denmark).     

How to Get Rid of Wine Tummy Fats

The first way to get rid of wine tummy is by controlling the calories in your drinks. Those who consume alcohol will typically get slower metabolism up to 70%. The effect will not last longer, but if you drink alcohol more frequently, you will get pounds at waist. You should monitor calorie intakes from drinks just like when you eat, so you won’t take too much alcohol and calories from it. Remember that you will get 228 calorie from 250 ml of wine. On the other hand, alcohol also could improve appetite, so you will eat more after drinking wine and then causing wine tummy fat. 

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