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What is Bloated Tummy and How to Make It Getting Better?

Bloated tummy is another health problem of excess fats at the front of stomach. It feels hard to touch the belly skin, looks like a balloon inside the belly. Bloating belly is commonly gotten after meal; even the belly tends to be flat in the morning. However, it doesn’t make you experiencing weight gain.

The Cause of Bloated Tummy

Bloated tummy is commonly caused by wind buildup. Every food will travel through intestines as the broken down process. Some bacteria act the breaking down process and then makes 6-8 liters of gas. Sometimes, the bacteria gets difficulties to break down some foods. it causes fermentation and making more gases. As the result, the gas pushes the wall of belly out. Besides, too much eating and constipation are also the common causes of bloating belly. 

How to Prevent Bloating Tummy

The main way to get rid of bloating belly is to refrain eating the bloating triggering foods. The foods that are difficult to digest like garlic, onions, and artificial sweetener may cause this health problem. Besides, some vegetables and fruits like mushrooms, artichokes and beetroot as well as plums and cherry also could cause bloating belly. You may also need to avoid lactose to prevent bloated tummy. 

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