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What are the Causes of Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a common disease specifically experienced by women where their endometrium, a tissue lines on uterus, grows outside the place it belongs. Although the exact causes of endometriosis haven’t been specifically known, but several recent studies were found the possible causes, including:

Genetic Inheritance Factors

In a journal by Fertility and Infertility Branch (FI Branch), the scientists explained that genetic inheritance factors can be the cause of endometriosis. It means, if a woman has relatives who suffer from endometriosis, they most probably suffer the same disease. It’s due to nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of micro RNA (ribonucleic acid) is inherited and contributed to the growth of endometriosis.

Hormones and Immune Systems Problems

Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care gives an explanation that the cause of endometriosis can be due to hormones and immune systems problem. Immune systems that work well in our body will prevent any particular organ to not grow where it doesn’t belong. However, when the immune system fails to work, it allows endometrial tissue to easily grow elsewhere. A high production of estrogens and androgens also can stimulate endometriosis growth.

Prenatal Environmental Exposure

During prenatal, the exposure to estrogenic substances such as diethylstilbestrol and ethinyl estradiol or other toxins such as polychlorinated biphenyls can increase the growth of endometriosis in female offspring.

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