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Watch Out for These Signs of Calcium Deficiency!

Calcium is an essential substance to sustain our bones. Therefore a deficiency of calcium might lead to some serious bone problems. As bones build up the majority of our bodies’ structure, it makes sense to take good care of it. Before your bones are severely damaged, make sure to take action to prevent it! There are many signs of calcium deficiency that everyone should watch out for, in which they will be discussed here in this article.

One of the early signs of calcium deficiency is frequent cramps that you feel in your muscle. This is the body’s first alarm to tell us that it could use more calcium to sustain its strength. Aches that you feel in your thighs, underarms, and arms’ muscles while walking or moving around could be symptoms of low calcium intake and should be addressed soon! Another significant sign of calcium deficiency is difficulty of sleeping at night, or also known as insomnia. It is not at all uncommon to see people who need more calcium intake in their dietary regimen find immense difficulty in sleeping, causing many nights spent awake and the days spent tired.

Teeth decay is another important alarm of low calcium, because our teeth need the substance to survive. A weak bone density is also something to be watched out for, as it is a strong warning that tells you to get more calcium intake ASAP. People with weak bones are prone to fractures, broken bones, aches, and even rickets, in more severe cases. Want to know the easier way to tell? Look at your nails. Is it brittle and easy to break? Then stock up more on calcium!

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