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Type of Exercise to Reduce Menstrual Pain

You can say that regular exercise is a “magic potion” for any health problem including the common women’s problem, menstrual pain or cramp. That’s why, rather than depends on painkiller drugs you should start a healthy diet and exercise to reduce menstrual pain, like in the following below.

Walking for Cramp Relief

You can start by walking at a brisk pace to break some sweat out. Doing this exercise while feeling the pain may be too much, so you should ask someone to accompany and give some motivation. When you start walking, you get breath harder and pump your heart faster. The faster blood flow will help to release endorphins that counteract with cramp-producing chemicals called prostaglandins.

Try Some Yoga Poses

Yoga poses will help to relax your nervous system, reduce abdominal and leg aches, calm your mood, relieve low-back pain, and ease other discomforts. You can try a head-to-knee forward bend pose, cobra pose, noose pose, camel pose, reclining big toe pose, and others that focusing on strengthen the painful body part.


When the feeling of cramp has come, you can force your body to try some stretching. You can do a butterfly stretching by sitting and bending your knees. Spread apart your knees while the soles are joined together. Start moving your legs up and down in the same speed for a minute and relax your body. You can repeat it for 2-3 times.

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