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Try Natural Masks for Solving Oily Skin Problem

Oily skin especially on the face area will make you uncomfortable because sometimes it ruin the view and troublesome. Usually, oily skin has bigger possibilities of acne appeal and every people do not want acne to appeal on the face and ruin the face and left scar. Besides that, usually oily skin will make the makeup to fade easily. Therefore, every people want to remove the oily skin. What can you do to solve oily skin problem? Some natural mask for oily skin will help to solve problem.

First material and mask that you can apply is lime. It has been known that lime will help to solve oily skin problem, and also it is very simple because you just need to slice the lime in big slice and then rub softly to the face and let it 15 minutes and then wash the face and do that in routine every day.

Besides that, you also may like cucumber mask because it will make you feel refresh. Just blend the cucumber and then spread it as mask to the face and let it until about 40 minutes. Then remove it and wash the face, use it at least twice a week for better result.

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