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Tips to Get Rid Headache As Fast As Possible

Headache is common happen and may attack all ages from children to adult. There are many things causes headache such as stress, less rest and sleep, sign of certain disease and etc. The pain of headache attack will be different from light pain to extra painful, moreover, in some case it happens with vomiting and nausea.

How do you get rid the headache? Most people take medicine when headache attack. But, there are some ways to get rid of the headache if you do not like take medicine to cure it. First, water will help you to get rid headache fast. Especially when you feel dehydrate, it is the best way to solve the headache. Besides that, ice cube also will lessen the headache, therefore when the headache attacks, take ice cube and towel than compress the head that feel ache using it. 

As for headache that is caused by tension, you may use hot water and towel. Wet the towel using hot water and then compress it to the head back to lower the tension. Besides that, lemon is also effective to get rid the headache because it will make you feel fresh and relax, so make a warm lemon water and drink it.

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