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Tips for Curly Hair Treatment and Care

Have a curly hair need patients and extra treatment and care. It is very important to care it properly because if the treatment and care is wrong, it will ruin the hair and you will not want to have unhealthy and ruin hair for sure. Therefore, you need to pay attention toward some important treatment and care when treat the curly hair.

Well, actually you do not need extra treatment by visiting hair salon because proper daily treatment is enough for curly hair treatment and care. First, you need to use hair moisturizer because usually curly hair is easy to dry and rigid, and as the result you will look matted and dull, and moisturizer will help to make it moist. Besides use hair moisturizer, you also need to pay attention when comb the hair, use distance comb and comb the hair when the hair is wet, remember not comb it when it dry.

As for the shampoo schedule, you may do it once in every two days or just twice a week. However, you need to pay attention when trying to dry the hair after shampoo by using towel. Just press the hair until the water fall and do not rub the hair roughly using towel because it will make the hair matted.

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