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This Will Help To Increase Brain Ability In Memory

Have a good memory is a blessing. There are some people who have good memory from the start and some of them are the opposite. However, whether you are having good memory or not, you are still able to increase your memory such as by training your brain by doing little exercise, for example write down 10 words and then try to remember it then close the writing and mention the words.

Besides that, classic music also will help you to increase brain ability in memorizing. According to some researches that instrumental music with classic genre will help the brain to increase its ability in memorizing.  Besides that, it will help to reduce stress level because classic music is such relaxing quieting.

If you like to do crossword, then make it as your new hobby because crossword will help to train your brain with question and its answer that need concentration to be able to solve the question, and puzzle will also be a very helpful tools for training your brain ability in memorizing and solving problem. However, those will be success if you do it along with healthy life style and keep consuming healthy good with good nutrition for the brain.

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