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This Smoothie is Unbelievably Healthy, Sweet and Filling!

I just stumble upon one of the best diet pages in Instagram. The owner of the page shows lots of her healthy recipes and I just cannot resist to drool. The colors are very tempting, but they are all coming from natural ingredients but they are still looking as perfect as the original fruits and veggies. Most of her recipes will include banana, yoghurt, chia seed, and purple sweet potato. And those are the ingredients for a perfect recipe she makes.

She said in her account that the key to a success diet is to believe that your food is your best friend. How can you even befriend those who you don’t like? Well, these chia seed and banana were an overnight ones where she needed to put them in a freezer for one night. Later early in the morning, she will need them to be out of the fridge and then she will add it with some purple sweet potato that looks amazingly gorgeous. For the final touch, plain yoghurt is a good company. This one recipe, she said, was very filling and sweet! The combination taste does amazing to her tongue. Dare to try one?

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