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Things You Should Know about Heat Strokes: Causes and People at Risk

There are some facts about heat strokes that you probably need to know, especially since heat stroke can happen to just about anyone and it is not at all uncommon to happen. Heat stroke is essentially a form of hyperthermia, a dramatic elevation of body temperature. People experience heat from time to time, but when the temperature gets too high, it can be dangerous. If a hot temperature affects someone to the point of heat stroke, then it should be treated immediately as it is a medical emergency that should be dealt, stat.

Heat Strokes’ Facts: Understanding Its Symptoms and Causes

As explained earlier, heat stroke is basically caused by an extremely high body temperature followed by dehydration. The symptoms might include agitation, confusion, disorientation, almost non-existence sweat, as well as coma. When you notice someone showing these signs, then it is very important for you to give them first-aid treatment by cooling the person suffering from it. But keep in mind to immediately notify emergency services if you suspected someone experiencing a heat stroke. The most important thing to prevent heat stroke from happening is to make sure to never do extremely rigorous physical activity in a humid and hot weather and to always keep oneself hydrate. Normally, our body will generate heat as a metabolism’s result and usually, it is capable of dissipating the heat by evaporating the sweat and radiates the heat through our skin. But in an extreme temperature, it is often hard for our body to do so, and it gets worse if the person is dehydrated.

People at Risks

There are a group of people who are more prone to getting heatstroke than any other. The most prone to heat strokes are infants, the elderly, and athletes. People who are physically active under the sun such as workers who work in an outside settings are also prone to getting heat strokes.

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