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Things That Your Nails Might Say about Your Health

Our body has many ways of telling us about our own health. Sometimes, we got signs and symptoms from how our body is reacting and how certain parts of our boy look, and our nails are definitely not an exception. Their colour, texture, shape, and condition in general might give you hints on what is going in with your body and health. This article will cover some of the signs that your nails are giving you when there’s something about your health condition. Find out what your nails say about your health here in this article!

How Your Nails Fill You In About Your Health

If your nails are splitting on the edge or are weak and brittle, then you might need to slow down on the manicure and pedicure or you might need to consume more of vitamin A, vitamin B biotin, or vitamin C as those vitamins are necessary to strengthen your nails. Brittle nails are also the sign of aging, you can try moisturizing it using a nail conditioner. If it doesn’t get better though, see your dermatologist. Next, if your nails are yellow, it could mean a number of things such as stains you get from smoking, nail fungus investing in your nails, or even psoriasis. An overuse of darker nail polish can also be the culprit. You can treat this condition by soaking it in a denture cleaner as it can remove the stains. If the yellow colour won’t disappear and is followed by a pain then fungus is to blame. Again, see your doctor if you experiencing this condition.

If you spot white dots on your nails, it might be dented from something. Just give it some time to heal but if it won’t go away, you might need to go to a dermatologist as it can be an infection. On the other hand, if you noticed a dark vertical band on your nail, it could be caused by a benign mole nestled under the nail, or it can also be caused by your skin colour being in the darker shade. Nevertheless, this one’s usually not a problem, although if problems occur, it might be a sign of a melanoma, a malignant cancer. If after you left it alone for a while the band grows darker, go to a doctor immediately. Nevertheless, if your nails showing something unusual and that you are worried about it, it’s always best to consult a dermatologist first and foremost.

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