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Things That Will Help You To Prevent And Lessen Forget

Do you often forget about something? Well, forget is a usual but if it happen often, it will be troublesome, moreover cause unwanted situation. People’s memory will decrease along with the age that is added each year. Even so, there are things you can do to increase your memory and prevent the forgetful.

Brains gymnastics will help to increase your memory and prevent forget. It will not require any physical exercise and simply to do, you just need to remember 10 things or words and repeat it. It is done every day and you have to change the world each day. Then, foods also will help to prevent forget and increase your ability in remember things. Foods contain nutrition that is good for brain such as folic acid and omega 3 will be good for you.

Besides foods, drink mineral water at least 8 glasses every day will help to increase the ability of memory because mineral water will help body metabolism works as it must be includes the work of brain. However, proper rest and sleep will be very helpful for your brain because it will help to reduce the level of stress and maximize the memory and also prevent forgetful as well.

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