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Things that should be Done When Incontinence Comes

Incontinence attack is commonly found in elder and it occurs over and over again which can make the person with incontinence uncomfortable yet embarrassed. Well, if you are one of them who experience incontinence in the daily life, you can ask the practitioner to assist you and help in supporting your mental. Basically, this strike attacks your bladder. When your urine is leaking, it can be called as incontinence. Commonly, it comes when you are running or even sneezing. It is mostly happened in women with children and men who get older.

In elder, it strikes due to the changes of the body ability but basically it can affect any age too. And it can be treated for sure. There are four kinds of incontinence in general such as functional, urge, stress, and overflow. The treatment and medication is based on the caused and type of incontinence itself. So, if you are currently experiencing something like this condition, you better talk to the doctor and take the exam. Other than urine test, the doctor will run cystoscopy if it is needed. And if the symptoms are quite severe the urodynamic study will be required to measure the urine of incontinence attack.

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