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Things Happen During and After the Surgery of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant surgery should be done in certain condition. Since kidney has high duty in order to keep your life goes on, sometimes it can be broken if you do not watch it carefully. If the kidney gets tired, it can be caused by the food and things that come into your body. Kidney is in charge to filter it before they spread to your whole body. So, it is no wonder if it can get bad if you did not watch your lifestyle after all. And when the transplant should be done, a patient should find the suitable donor. And once you get the match for your kidney, the operation must be taken as soon as possible.

At least there are three main stages when the surgery is going on. After the operation, the patient should wait for six up to twelve weeks before the doctor removes the tube in the ureter. This step also makes sure that the kidney is working properly or not. After the surgery and removing things are done, you probably will feel pain due to the recovery or the anesthetic. Of course you will get several steps of medication in order to know that your immune system can get along after the kidney transplant surgery.

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