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The Risk of Being Passive Smoker

Do you live in the environment where you usually inhale cigarette smoke? Be careful because you may get the risk of being passive smoker. As we know that smoking is dangerous activity. If you don’t smoke but still can inhale cigarette smoke from people around you, you must avoid it because it is very dangerous for you. Here some information for you about the danger that may be got by passive smoker.

The first risk that may be suffered by passive smoker is heart disease and lungs cancer. If a person usually inhales cigarette smoke routinely, he may suffer heart disease or lungs cancer. It is because cigarette smoke which comes from active smoker has dangerous substance, even more dangerous than substance of cigarette.

Second, if the passive smoker is a baby or kid, it may cause sudden death. Pregnant mother should also avoid cigarette smoke because it will harm the baby in womb. When the pregnant mother inhales cigarette smoke routinely, it can make the baby born in premature condition.

So, you should try to avoid little or more cigarette smoke to avoid the bad risk of it. Live and do activity in the clean environment without cigarette smoke. That is good for you. And you can also avoid the risk of being passive smoker.

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