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The Right Ways to Treat Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is type of acne which appears in large and red bump. This acne is really painful and often cause severe scar on skin face. Besides trigger by acne bacteria and excessive production of sebum beneath the skin, hormonal change is also suspected to cause cystic acne. When this acne bursts, it tends to spread and causing more breakouts. Although it is considered as severe acne, but there are still some cystic acne treatments that you can try.

Medications become the common option to treat this acne. Some people may use oral antibiotics in order to curb the bacteria growth as well as reduce the inflammation on skin. Birth-control pills are often given to women who suffer cystic acne since this type of pill help to maintaining hormonal changes. Some others may use creams or lotion containing retinoid in order to remove clog on the pores and encourage the work of antibiotics. When you have used some medications but have not received satisfying result, then you need to have consultation with dermatologist whether you require acne surgery or not. Acne surgery is effective to remove cystic acne when if the condition does not get better after doing various kinds of acne treatments.

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