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The Nails Say a Lot about the Owner

Fingernail health is important. It is fine to keep colorful with nail polish. It describes that you are a neat and clean person. But if your natural nails show color on it, it might be something happened with your health. At least, your nails can give signal to you about the nails health of the owner.

If you see the blue fingernails, it can be due to the lack of oxygen circulated in your blood. This condition is called cyanosis. People with respiratory issues are also common with this blue fingernail.

Yellow nails can indicate the infection by fungal around the nail. In most cases, the organism called Candida albicans is experiencing the overgrowth. Person with yellow nails will experience pain. This condition also appears to a person with excessive fluid in the tissues.

Brown fingernails or copper is kind of rare. But if you know people with this condition, it can be something called subungual melanoma which potentials into the deadly disease that attack the matrix of nails.

Pitting is commonly happened when the nail cells develop small dents in the matrix. People with certain skin condition deal with this issues. And if you find the horizontal rippling on your nails, it can be the sign that you are experiencing deficiency in nutrients. Fingernail health says a lot about the owner though.

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