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The Greatest Antioxidant Sources: Red Pomegranate or Green Tea?

Natural source is better than chemical source because the chemical source often lead to side effect of it. It also happen on antioxidant, a molecule that is very important to fight against free radical, keep human body from lead to death disease, and keep the body healthy with high immunity. That is why these day antioxidant is one of the main molecule that is included into supplement. Even so, still the greatest antioxidant source is fruit and vegetables and the other natural sources.

Then, what natural source that contains a lot of antioxidant? There are so many natural sources that has great antioxidant among them is red pomegranate. This red and beautiful fruit contains great antioxidant. Even the amount of nutrition of red pomegranate is not bigger than the other fruit and vegetables, but still this fruit is special and has a lot of useful benefit because red pomegranate has useful active substance.

Among the active substance in red pomegranate is polifenol that works as anti infection and will block the infection. Besides that, the red color of red pomegranate indicates great antioxidant of it. Moreover, the antioxidant in red pomegranates is greater than green tea. The routine consumption of red pomegranate will decrease the possibility of cancer and heart disease risk.  

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