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The Good Iron Sources Other than Red Meat

Red meat is the best source of iron for our body. However, consuming too much red meat is not good for our health. Hence, if for some reasons you need to lessen and limit the consumption of rred meat, you can still get as much iron intake from these vegetables.
  1. Edamame. This Japanese soy is not only nutritious but also healthy. Aside from protein, a glass of edamame can provide 40% of our iron need.
  2. Spinach. Greenish vegetable like spinach is rich of iron. A glass of sautéed spinach with olive oil can really boost the level of iron in our body. A glass of fresh uncooked spinach has 1 mg iron while the cooked one has 6 mg.
  3. Whole Grains. Pasta and wheat bread are usually has iron content in it. Added with beans and vegetables, whole grains can boost your iron intake.
  4. Tofu. Tofu is not only a good source of protein, but also of iron. In it 100 grams, Tofu has 6.4 mg iron which equal to 36% of your daily iron need.
  5. Broccoli. Adding broccoli to your plate will serve a lot vitamin and mineral, including iron. In a bowl of cooked broccoli, it has 1 mg iron, vitamin C and fiber.

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