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The Function of Ice Cube for Healthy Life and Beauty Face

Ice cube is not only to cool the beverage, but it is also beneficial for health. Here are the health and beauty functions of ice cube.

Ice cube can brighten the face. The cold ice cube that rubbed into the skin can facilitate the circulation of the blood. The pressure and the cold sensation in the skin will make the blood circulation smooth. As the result, the skin and the face will look fresh and healthy.

This material can also reduce the oil production. Caring using ice cube by rubbing on the face will be very helpful to reduce the production of oil and sebum that can create acnes. Ice cube is able to sooth the skin burn. The rash skin because of the sunburn will be healed by the mixture of ice cube and lavender oil. But, there is a thing that must be remembered. Don’t use ice cube too much for all health and beauty treatment. In some cases, the use of excessive ice cube will aggravate the health of the skin. It will cause the damage of the capillaries beneath the skin. The best way to use the ice cube is wrapping the ice cube with the clean cloth.

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