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The Best Tips to Keep Your Liver

Have you known the best tips to keep your liver? Liver is important organ in the body that has many roles to make you always healthy every day. Liver can remove toxin, controlling blood sugar level, etc. Here the tips you have to do to keep your liver:

1. Consume The Best Food

Some foods that will make your liver healthy are cabbage, lettuce, mustard, beans, turmeric, soy, green tea and red grapes.

2. Limit the Caloric intake

You should limit carbohydrate that enters your body. It means that you should consume carbohydrate sufficiently, and don’t consume it excessively because can make liver should work hard.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is bad for liver because can disturb the liver metabolism

4. Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoke is dangerous for your liver. All nutrition from food or substance that enter your body will be processed in the liver, so you should consume the best nutrition and avoid harm substance that can comes from cigarette.

5. Wash Your Hand

To make sure that all foods that enter your body are the best food, you should wash your hand to minimize the bacteria or germ that enters your body. It is good to keep your liver.

Well, you can do the tips above to keep your liver. The tips above are so simple and easy to do. Hopefully the information about tips to keep your liver above will motivate you to care for your liver every time.

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