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The Best Tips to Avoid Serious Illness

Have you known the best tips to avoid serious illness? You have to know about it to make your body free from serious illness that threat your health. Here some tips for you to avoid serious illness:

First, you should consume fruit. Fruit contains various types of vitamin and antioxidant. Those nutrition are effective to prevent various types of cancer. It can also improve your immunity system. Besides fruit, you can also consume foods that contain much omega 3. Omega 3 is good to prevent heart disease. Some omega 3 can you get from sardine, tuna and salmon.

Second, you should drink green tea routinely. Green tea is good for your health and a source of antioxidant. Antioxidants can obstruct the growth of cancer cell. Third, you should become an active person. Make sure that you have activity that allow you to be an active person every day. Don’t sit too long because that is dangerous for your health.

The last, you should be diligent brushing your teeth. Food residue in the mouth can be swallowed accidentally, and it very dangerous for your health. Food residue contains bacterial, and can make your body easy to sick.

Those are the information for you about healthy habit to avoid serious illness. So, you can try to do the habits above to make your body always healthy. Hopefully the article about tips to avoid serious illness above will be helpful for you.

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