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The Best Healthy Meals for Man

If you are a man, you should know the best healthy meals for man. Actually, man and woman have different nutritional needs. Here the best healthy meals for man that should be known:

First is banana. Banana is good for men’s health because contain potassium and magnesium that are good to prevent stroke. Banana is also good to improve your immunity system.

Second is fish. There are so many kinds of fish can be consumed. For your recommendation, you can consume tuna, salmon and sardine because contain omega 3 and vitamin D. Omega 3 can prevent prostate cancer and improve immunity system. Whereas vitamin D can against cancer cell, hypertension, osteoporosis and diabetes type 2.

Third is wheat. Wheat is good for man because can protect heart organ and also build up muscle man. Beside wheat, man can also consume soybean to make them free from prostate cancer. Next is green vegetable. That is good for skin and prostate.

Other meals that are good for men are broccoli and strawberry because contain good nutrition to make men avoid prostate cancer. You can consume the meals mentioned above to get healthy body every time. By consuming best healthy meals for man, you will be healthy every day.

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