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The Benefits of Morning Sunlight for the Health of Body

Do you like feel the sunlight? If so, then you are so lucky because sunlight especially has a lot of benefits especially in the morning. In this day, many people avoid sunlight with so many reasons such as keep the skin in order the sunlight not burn it until change the color of the skin, and then the Ultra Violet that is threatened, and also the threat of skin cancer.

Well, actually those bad things may happen but still there are some benefits of morning sunlight that is important and make the body health. Among those benefits are helping to strengthen the bones, it is because morning sunlight contains vitamin D that is good for bone and help the receiving process of calcium. Of you are having trouble with sleeping, and then morning sunlight is the problem solving because it stimulates melatonin hormone that will help you to get quality of sleeping.

If you always feel depress, then feel the morning sunlight to solve that because morning sunlight decrease the level of depress since it stimulates serotonin hormone. The other benefits that can be gotten is strengthening the immune of human body, and also it is good for skin. So, don’t be afraid and feel the morning sunlight while reading a book or the other activity.

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