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The Benefits of Deep Breathe You Probably do not know

Deep breathe can happen when you are psychologically in certain condition. Sometimes people do not notice it but it feels so good after all. Since we were born in this world, we know exactly how to breathe in proper and correct way. And based on the human’s instinct, the body knows how to breathe deeply. Due to the daily activities we can forget how to breathe like that, especially when you are in a rush or other similar conditions that require you breathe shallowly.

For example, when you sit in front of computer with bunch of works, you can notice how you breathe. If you can try to release all tension from your stomach, you can breathe so deeply and it feels so good. When people breathe shallowly, it may due to the imbalance oxygen in each organ inside our body. Moreover, human’s lungs are able to receive much oxygen, remembering the size is about 450 square-feet. Other than that, when you do shallow breathing, the nervous of sympathetic is getting stress. If your body gives signals to brain about that, it will release the stress hormone. Can you imagine how better this life if we start the deep breathe?

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