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The Benefits of Cabbage for Your health

Have you known the benefits of cabbage for your health? You can consume cabbage routinely because it has many benefits for your health. Cabbage contains much nutrition. Here are the benefits of cabbage you have to know:

1. Improving Your Immunity System

Cabbage contains much vitamin C, even higher than orange. So, it will make your immunity system improves.

2. Nourishing the Digestive System

Cabbage contains much fiber that is good for your digestive system. Consuming cabbage will make you avoid constipation.

3. A Source of Natural Antioxidant

Cabbage contains antioxidant that needed by your body to against free radical that cause cancer.

4. Nutrition for Your Eyes

Cabbage contains beta carotene—a good nutrition for your eyes. By consuming cabbage, you will avoid eyes problem such as cataracts and myopia.

5. Nutrition for Your Brain

Cabbage, especially red cabbage contains vitamin K and anthocyanin. Those nutrition are good for your brain, and will make your brain always health and avoid Alzheimer.

Those are some information for you about the benefits of cabbage for your health. Besides the benefits mentioned above, cabbage is also good for your bones because contains much calcium. So, you can consume this vegetable routinely and then get many benefits of cabbage for your health.

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