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Take Care for the Health Skin from Drying and Flaking

It is not a difficult thing to do the skin care for drying and flaking. The easiest way is avoiding the excessive use of soap. Although soap or is useful for cleaning of dust, dirt and sweat, but some soap products can actually affect the moisture on the skin. That is why it is recommended to use body lotion after a bath to lock moisture in the skin.

Similarly, the skin on the feet, do not use soap excessive because it can make them dry. Moreover, choose a type of soap that can keep the skin moisture such as liquid soap or soap gel. Soap can make the skin more dry and scaly. Additionally, make sure to dry the entire surface of foot skin after bathing to prevent infections caused by fungi.

Don’t forget to use a moisturizing lotion after a bath to keep the humidity of the skin. For dry skin, just avoid scratching and rubbing. The feet skins do not have oil glands, so the skin tends to dry. When dry foot skins after a bath, do not rub the towel too hard on the legs, and just pat the towel to the feet, so the towel can absorb the water.

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