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Staying Mentally Sharp for Seniors

For many seniors, have problem with their brain ability sounds like very common thing which will be faced. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they can deal with the lowering brain ability. They want to stay sharp mentally so they are able to enjoy their senior life better without making other people worry. The brain ability will be reduced as they age but they can keep their mind sharp by doing some effort.

Seniors can have sharp mind if they can have healthy lifestyle. Sharp mind for seniors can be found if they perform the regular physical exercise. If they do regular physical exercise, they will be able to slowing down the aging process. It is not only useful for the body because it will also be useful for their mind. With physical exercise, there are more bloods which flow into the brain so they will get the cognitive function which is better. Of course they also have to eat healthy menu by reducing the foods with high saturated fats. They should include more whole grain, veggies, fruits, dairy with low fat, as well as fish rich in unsaturated fat and omega-3.

Mind games can be played for stimulating the brain and also preventing the dementia onset. Stop smoking will also be useful for this purpose.

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