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Some Uses of Oxygen Therapy You Have To Know

Some uses of oxygen therapy are the popular thing to be discussed today. What is it? It is the therapy that can be used for managing the problems of your health condition either acute or chronic problem. This kind of therapy is commonly used in the settings of pre- hospital. For example, you can find it in the hospital and also ambulance setting. It will be used for managing the emergency conditions of the patient’s health conditions.

There are some devices you will find in this therapy. Those devices will be based on some various factors. For example, it will depend on where the devices will be placed and the opinion of some doctors. Keep reading below! Here is the discussion for you.

Therapy oxygen of acute medical treatment

In the emergency condition, this oxygen therapy will be used by the ambulance when the patient is in the transit and the setting of certain hospital. It will be used in order to resuscitate the patients. Or it will help them to face hypothermia, seizure, trauma, and anaphylaxis.

Therapy oxygen of chronic medical situation

In this case, this therapy will be used in order to transfer the supplemental oxygen to those patients. As you know, at some moment, the patients will need the oxygen. Finally, those are all some uses of oxygen therapy.

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