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Slackline, The Extreme Sport that Beneficial for Body Posture and Recovery

Based on the research that conducted in Swiss, the participants of the slackline can improve the communication between the sensor and the spinal cord. Thus, this sport is forming the better postural control. Based on the research, slackline is a kind of sport for slackline balance training.

This exercise can be used for rehabilitation of injuries and can significantly reduce the risk of injury to joints and ligaments, reduce the possibility of falls in elderly patients, and it can improve strength, endurance and flexibility. More specifically, slackline sport has been shown to increase the brain activity in areas that associated with memory and navigation, increasing the reaction time and improve the posture of the body.

Some medical practitioners and professionals encourage the exercise slackline, because of the ability to improve the coordination of proprioception. Proprioception is the perception of stimuli that associated with the position, posture, balance, or the condition of the body. Receptors or nerve endings) in skeletal muscle and the tendons provide the continuous information on the position of the body and the muscle movement to coordinate the movement of limbs. This sport is able to maintain the balance and restore the range of the motion of the body.

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