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Signs That You Are Not in the Pink

With the fast-paced life, sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve been living an unhealthy lifestyle. Most of us will only get to know when it’s too late—we’ve gotten sick. As being unhealthy doesn’t only surge serious problem with your physical but also mental health, hence you getting to know each sign that you are unhealthy is important to avoid more serious problems.

  • Problem in Urine

Check your urine regularly to find the sign that you are unhealthy. The healthy ones have pale yellow, clear and non-smelly urine. If you find your urine different than the normal ones, it can be a sign that your health is not at its best.

  • Chapped Lips

If you find your lips chapped almost all the time that you become very dependent on your lip balm, then it is a sign that you are unhealthy. Your lips condition is an indicator of vitamin level in your body. Chapped lips mean you haven’t got enough vitamins.

  • Rapid Change of Body’s Temperature

Having your feet and hands cold is beyond normal. Although the circumstance takes the role, but it you feel it over and over again, then it may be a sign that you get a cardiovascular problem. It is a sign that you are unhealthy as it means your blood circulation doesn’t work well.

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