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Signs and Symptoms of Rotavirus Infection in Baby

Rotavirus infection is the main cause of a baby to get a severe diarrhea and also vomiting. This virus which gets into the baby’s body and destroys small intestine is also very contagious. Globally speaking, rotavirus brings more of its problems to the toddler least than 2 years. As the diarrhea is also the main dead causes after pneumonia in baby, then getting aware to rotavirus is very important to save your precious baby.

The Differences with Bacterial Diarrhea

There is a simple difference within bacterial diarrhea and viral diarrhea in baby. First, if you see your baby’s buttock get reddish then it’s a rotavirus. Second, if the poop smells acidic, then it’s also rotavirus.

The Signs and Symptoms

The main symptoms of rotavirus in the baby are in such, liquid diarrhea which lasts long, vomiting, fever, and pain in the stomach. The symptoms start to be seen after 1-2 days of infection and usually it takes 3-8 days for the baby to heal by themselves. However, in the severest case, the baby can even get dehydrated. This virus doesn’t even need antibiotic to cure. Hence, what needs to always bear in mind is how to keep the baby hydrated by giving them enough liquid. Keep giving them mother’s milk or foods little by little because the nutrition is needed to repair the damaged intestinal ephitelium because of the virus.

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