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Siesta Will Give Many Benefits For Body and Health

Proper sleep is one of the most important aspects that are needed by human body because it will make the body rest for awhile and be ready to do and face the daily activity. Besides that, it also will influence people’s mood and reduce stress. However, it is not only sleeping during the night that is important and good for body but also sleeping on the daylight also will be good for human body and health.

Siesta gives benefits for body such as it is able to increase memory, according to a study in 2008, it is said that siesta for about 45 minutes will be able to increase people’s memory. Besides that, it also will increase work ethos because they will not feel tired because they have enough rest.

Not only that, if you have insomnia problem, you are better for siesta because you will get enough sleep and will not feel insomnia again. For people who often get stress, it will be a very helpful solution to solve it and free from stress because proper rest. However, even it gives so many benefits, still it will not be good if you sleep with over of time because one hour is enough.

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