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Several Proven Health Advantages of Eating Eggs

Eggs are considered by many people to be a superfood, as it is loaded with rich amount of nutrients that are essential and substantial for our body to survive and flourish. Aside from all of the benefits, eggs are also extremely tasty and versatile, making them easy to be included in all sorts of meals. Many studies have confirmed the health benefits of consuming eggs, some of which will be discussed in this article.

As mentioned earlier, eggs are loaded with lots of nutrients that serve as a great nourishment for the body. A large hard-boiled egg is comprised of folate, vitamin A, B5, B2, B12, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin K, E, D, zinc, and calcium. All of these nutrients are strengthened with six grams amount of protein, five grams amount of healthy fats, and a total seventy-seven calories. Really, eggs are simply excellent source of nutrition. Or if you don’t mind the pun, they are simply…eggcellent.

Furthermore, even though eggs are quite high in cholesterol, but they do not actually affect the level of blood cholesterol severely. In anything, they can actually raise the amount of good cholesterol in your body. What more can you ask? You can boil it, fried it, or mix it up with other foods, and eggs are really, really healthy. They are called superfoods for a reason, either as staple food or as a snack, eggs are simply full of wonders!

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