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Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke by Consuming Fruit

Heart disease that is followed by stroke is one of the many main diseases that cause death. It is the death disease in the world. Moreover, this day that disease not only attacks old people but also young people. In this globalism and global warming issue, young people also have many possibilities to have that disease. The number of death that is caused by heart disease and stroke in the world always increase each year. Besides side effect of global warming that cause heart disease, the bad and unhealthy lifestyle is also the main cause of heart disease.

Therefore, the best solution to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke is by having healthy lifestyle. This means balance and healthy diet, exercise, and proper sleep is the key to help reduce the risk of that disease for every people whether they are old or young. As one of the healthy lifestyle is having healthy and balanced diet, one of that way is consuming fruit every day.

Consuming fruit is very important even just one fruit a day will help to maintain the health of the human body and strengthen the immunity. It is because fruit contains much nutrition such as calcium, fiber, antioxidants, that can against the free radical and keep away the disease.

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