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Recognize Binge Eating Disorder Indications

Recognize binge eating disorder - have you ever know about this term? Binge eating disorder is usually seen from the way that person to eat. If a person can eat all kind of foods in short time and feel like she/he loses her/himself while eating, it means that person has binge eating disorder. This is the dangerous condition since it causes the obesity. You can recognize binge eating disorder indication from this article clearly.

There are some indication of binge eating disorder, it can be seen not only from the body weight or physical disturbance but it can be analyzed emotionally. The accusative of this disorder tends to eat by their selves. They also like to eat quickly and continue it even they are already full. Binge eating disorder will trigger the sufferers to consume foods in big portion. Emotionally, they will express the depression and anxiety feeling. They also cannot enjoy their eating activity since they tend to be ashamed, angry, stressed, and so forth. Even they try to do diet, it will not be success since their body weight will increase quickly. After recognize binge eating disorder indications, you can analyze yourself or people around you to get the further handling from doctor.

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