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Recipe of Pure Banana for Face Mask

There two kinds of interesting and simple ways to treat your face right. It will not include any chemical substance, nor will it contain any expensive ingredients. All you ever need is a banana. In a traditional way, you can just rip the skin off and enjoy the flesh. And then you chew it like there is no tomorrow, and then if you do it regularly, you will find your face skin is getting healthier. As simple as that, banana is also very cheap to buy. The taste is pretty good, too. But if you are not too fond of eating one, you may have this yellow friend as a masker.

Yes, masker banana is one of many ways to prevent your face skin from damage and burn. The smooth of flesh will protect the skin and its tissue. All you have to do is to smash one banana (or one enough amount) and then smear it all over your face. You do not have to add any other ingredients. The banana itself has a power to prevent your skin from the damage of free radical. The two ways are optional. Even better, you can create and combine the banana with any other natural ingredients. Be healthy with banana!

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