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Reasons Why Dogs are Awesome and Good for You In Terms of Health

Dogs are man’s loyal best friend. It is generally have been accepted and established by many people that dogs are simply awesome. Among many other animals, dogs have evolved so much to be more in-tune with human emotions and behaviours. It is even shown in many occasions that dogs are pretty much capable in understanding some of our words, interpreting our gestures, body language, and even tone of voices. They make a great friend and a great companion. But it is little known by many people that dogs can also offer some physical and mental benefits besides loyal friendship and awesomeness in general. This article will discuss some health and mental benefits of owning a dog that any dog owner must know!

Some studies have found that dogs help increase the “joy hormone” in the brain that it helps decreasing the risk of depressions found in people with no pets. Also, dogs are known for their relaxing qualities that can help its owner copes with stress better, lowering blood pressure and again, decreasing the risk of getting depression. The joy hormone of dopamine is increased alongside the calming hormone of serotonin in people who keep dogs and other sorts of domestic pets, especially when the owner plays with the dogs/pets.

One of the fundamental reasons of pets having therapeutic effect in general is that it is capable of fulfilling the human’s basic needs of touch. Some studies even show how even the most heart-hardened criminals soften up their attitudes and behaviours to some extent after long-term interaction with dogs. Taking care of dogs and other animals help people to get in touch with their compassionate and affectionate side, and this also helps easing off their loneliness. So adopt a dog today, and be loving, be loved!

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