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Reaping Many Health’s Benefits from Guava

Guava is a tropical fruit which will not only make your mouth fresh and your stomach full but give your body abundance health’s benefit. Consuming this fruit in a regular basis will boost your overall health. Find the benefit of guava for health below!

1.     Boosting Body Immune

Guava contains four times more vitamin C than we can find in oranges. As vitamin C is closely related to body immune, hence, consuming guava with a lot of it will definitely boost your immune system.

2.     Anti-Aging

The benefit of guava for health is being an anti-aging weapon! Containing vitamin C and A, as well as many anti-oxidants, guava can protect your skin from wrinkles and fine lines so you can always look younger than your actual age.

3.     Boost Heart’s Health

Studies found that consuming guava in regular basis can increase the sodium and potassium in the body which will help regulating blood pressure on those who have hypertension. The benefit of guava for health is also shown by its ability to lower the triglyceride level and bad cholesterol which are able to stimulate heart disease.

4.      Keep the Teeth Healthy

With the abundant amount of anti-oxidants contained in guava, consuming this fruit will help you heal the pain in the teeth. It is possible as the anti-oxidants work to fight infection and kill the bacteria in the mouth.

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