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Read this Article for Reason Why BMI cannot reveal How healthy you are

How much of you take harder exercises for losing weight to get normal BMI measure?  Your BMI measures weight that suppose individual are heavier than they should be. However, the recent research from Annals of Internal Medicine found that people that both in high and in low ends of healthy BMI spectrum are likely to die of any causes earlier from both in the middle.

While weight are theoretically pick in how much fat in a person has, weight also encompasses muscle that means for body builder. It seems that people that have high BMI have more muscle rather than fat, while the other people that have same BMI carry more fat but less muscle. In this condition, related to metabolic issues although they have identical BMI.

People with higher BMI also tend healthier and lower premature death rates compare to those with lower BMI. The recent study that composes relation between BMI and bone density occurs the shocked result. It is find that there are people with lowest BMI has 44% higher risk of dyng earlier because they are malnourished with other average BMI. In other side, people with highest body fat composition regard to their high BMI also increase the risk of early death into 60% of mortality.

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