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Quit Smoking Now or Death in Horrible Way

Quit smoking is highly recommended. You better not smoke like ever. We all already know that smoking is very bad for body’s health. And it cannot be denied that smokers have higher risk to get cancer and other serious disease too. Other than that, the diseases caused by smoking lead to broken parts of the body. The break parts of the body can give result such as pain in certain point. And if this condition is getting worse, it can lead to the new tumor that grows in the tissues. The pain is worse than the pain when your nails are chipped.

Well, smoking will hurt your body and trigger the growth of cancer cells in throat, your lungs, it affects your brain, interrupt your liver function, destroy the colon, and affect the pancreas as well. Other than that, it is also possible that there are the other parts of body that can be affected as well. It is better if you quit smoking from now rather than wait for the pain say hi to you. Many active smokers experience dryness in their mouth. It leads to canker sores or even worse like mouth cancer. So, why are you still smoking? Being healthy is much better than smoking and get sick.

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